2012 Speakers

Our Speakers

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Leading Indicator

Event Programme

Day one – Wednesday October 24th 2012


1.00 pm               Registration and refreshments


1.45 pm               Welcome remarks

                                John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist


2.00 pm               Leading indicator


2.15 pm               A grand bargain: What is possible in post-election America?


2.45 pm               The Bagehot Lecture

3.15                       Afternoon break


3.45 pm               Global economic outlook

The global economy today and its prospects for the future            


4.30 pm               Unburdening: de-leveraging and the consequences of debt


5.15 pm               Hold spot for breaking news


5.45 pm               Cocktail reception


6.30 pm               The Buttonwood Gathering dinner

At a crossroads: the many challenges facing America


8.30 pm               End of panel discussion


9.00 pm               End of day one



Day two – Thursday October 25th2012


8.30 am                                Registration


8.45 am                                Opening remarks and recap of day one


9.00 am                                An Oxford-style debate on inequality

Using Oxford-style debate rules, two teams will debate the proposition below – one team proposing the motion and the other arguing against it. The audience will vote for or against the motion before and after the debate. The winning team is the one that has swayed the most audience members


Proposition: The rising concentration of wealth in America and other countries is dangerous and must be reversed


10.00 am             Leading Indicator


10.15 am             The long road ahead: resolving Europe’s debt crisis


11.00 am             Morning break and refreshments


11.30 am             Over-regulated: Has financial reform gone too far?


12.00 pm             A fine balance:  the next chapter of Chinese growth


12.45 pm             Leading Indicator


1.00 pm               Lunch


2.30 pm               Unworkable: the challenge of structural unemployment


3.00 pm               The energy equation: the implications of the natural-gas and oil shale revolutions


3.45 pm               Leading indicator


4.00 pm               Afternoon break


4.30 pm               Growth engines: Brazil, India and beyond


5.00 pm               Simulation


6.00 pm               De-brief: Evaluating the results


6.15 pm               Closing remarks