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About The Buttonwood Gathering

The Buttonwood Gathering is The Economist’s flagship finance and economics event.

Now in its fourth year, The Buttonwood Gathering is renowned for bringing together leading executives, prominent academics and top regulators to tackle the biggest issues facing global finance.

The global economy has been buffeted by crisis after crisis in the four years since the financial crisis took hold. But a new chapter may be unfolding. In the three most important regions of the global economy, there is either the reality or the possibility of new leadership, and with it—fresh ideas, new priorities and a different trajectory.

In China, the main engine of global economic growth since the financial crisis, a once-in-a-decade change in leadership of the Communist Party is underway. In America, the world’s biggest economy, a presidential election looms. In Europe, where an unresolved sovereign-debt crisis hangs simmers, incumbent leaders from Greece to Spain have been ousted and elections in France and the Netherlands are being roiled by voters angry at high unemployment and steep budget cuts.

Beyond politics, a new chapter may be opening in other ways: America’s economy shows some hints of recovery, the revolution in natural gas and oil shales has the potential to change the global energy dynamic, financial reform passed in the wake of the financial crisis is finally being tested.

What will the next chapter of global economic growth look like? Will the problems of the recent past—the euro-zone crisis, high energy prices, high levels of debt in America and beyond—still define the next chapter? What will China’s next phase of growth look like? Can America reduce its stubbornly high unemployment rate? What are the implications of abundant natural gas and oil shales? Has regulation gone too far?

This year’s Buttonwood Gathering will bring together leaders in finance, economics, business, academia and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the next chapter of global growth.


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